About Leslie Gaston-Bird

“I am not a woman in audio. I am an audio engineer.
Nor am I a ‘Black-woman-audio-engineer.’
I am an audio engineer who
happens to be a Black woman.

Leslie Gaston-Bird, quoted from Women In Audio.

A Quick Biography

Leslie Gaston-Bird CAS MPSE AMPS is a re-recording (dubbing) mixer and sound editor, holding Avid Dolby Atmos Professional and Dante Level 3 certification. She is a former Governor-at-Large and Vice President (Western Region, US & Canada) for the Audio Engineering Society (AES), and author of the book “Women in Audio”. She is a member of the Recording Academy (The Grammys®). She has worked for National Public Radio (Washington, D.C.), Colorado Public Radio, the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, Post Modern Company, and was a tenured Associate Professor at the University of Colorado Denver.

For a more detailed biography and other information, visit: Mix Messiah Productions.